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Magazine Rack Ranges

Magazine Rack Ranges

Magazine Racks are an often overlooked, but important components of our industry. Our Board Handling principal, YJ Link, can offer a full range of Magazine racks to suit your application, all at cost effective prices! Standard Range:

  • For temperatures up to 60 Centigrade.

High Temperature:

  • For temperatures up to 150 Centigrade.


  • For temperatures up to 300 Centigrade.


  • S - 50L x 50W ~ 330L x 250W mm
  • Y - 60L x 50W ~ 440L x 330W mm
  • L - 60L x 50W ~ 530L x 375W mm
  • X - 100L x 50W ~ 530L x 460W mm
  • 2X - 100L x 50W ~ 610L x 460W mm

As well as having the highest temperature range the Magnesium Magazine Racks are very strong and light, minimising health and safety issues relating to mechanical handling by operators. Some stocks are held in the UK for quick delivery and goods are shipped in "flat pack" format for self-assembly. If you would like any further information, please contact Andy Wolfe, via

November 2017

Productronica 2017, 14th to 17th November, Munich

Productronica 2017, 14th to 17th November, Munich

Only 4 weeks to go now until Productronica 2017! Altus are in Hall A2, 132 As previously advised, for the added convenience of our customers, Altus Ltd., will have our own stand at the show, providing a useful base and hospitality venue, in the hub of the SMT area. If you would like any help with Ticket Vouchers; Meetings and Demonstrations (pre-booking can help you get the best from your visit), please contact us.

All our major principals will be exhibiting and this prestigious event, many will be launching new systems at the event, so it is the place to be in November! Supplier Update:

  • Cencorp Automation - A3, 221 - Routing; Odd Form Placement; Testing & Final Assembly
  • Koh Young - A2, 377 - Metrology based Full 3D SPI & AOI Systems; KSMART Software; Industry 4.0
  • Kolb - A3, 354 - Cleaning Systems & Chemistry; Celebrating 30 Years in the industry
  • Modi - A2, 361 - Goods In Station (via the Smart Rep Stand)
  • Rehm - A4, 335 - Air & Nitrogen Convection Reflow, including Vacuum System; ViCON SW & App; Condensation Reflow; Conformal Coating; Hermes Standard
  • Yamaha - A3, 323 - Screen Printers; Pick & Place Mounters; Maximise Line Productivity & Factory Efficiency with Yamaha Tools 4.0
  • YJ Link - A2, 330 - Board Handling; Laser Marking; Traceability & Industry 4.0

We will keep you updated with more details over the coming weeks.  If you would like any further information, please contact Andy Wolfe, via

October 2017



MODI RELABELING STATION – for 100% TRACEABILITY With the increasing need for traceability at every stage of the production cycle, the importance of the goods in area can often be undervalued. With a wide variety of similar components arriving every day it is vital that details are recorder accurately. Some component packaging may contain multiple labels, determining which is the correct one is not always easy and introduces a variable to the process, with an operator interpreting the information and recording the details. Should the incorrect information be recorded and incorrect parts kitted, boards may be wrongly assembled. Such errors may not show up until a post reflow AOI inspection flags an error, by which time a batch of boards may have been wrongly assembled. With substantial added value in the product by this point the cost of rework (or scrap) could be considerable! The Modi Relabelling Station addresses this issue, reading all labels on the component packaging, identifying the manufacturers part data and generating a new customer label to identify the stock, which links to your ERP system. Parts can then be held in stock, issued to the line or your in-house storage system, giving you:

  • Gapless traceability at customer & quality audits.
  • Ensures every article is 100% match to your specification.
  • Eliminates all miss-equipment costs, due to wrongly marked parts.
  • Most flexible ergonomic handling.
  • Unbeatable performance.
  • Everything from one source.
    • Reduce out of stock costs.
    • Eliminate miss-equipping.
    • Reduce pressure on operators.
    • Minimise double handling, increase process speed (1 sec/scan) and maximise reliability.

Errors at goods in, which go undetected, can incur very high costs later!

  1. Collection of delivery note information (ERP Software).
  2. Relabelling procedure & verification check.
  3. Traceability runs in background on database.

All data, image, booking & release information are assigned to a printed customer label. - All information saved in traceability database. - Large 400 x 400 mm scanning area. - Suitable for reels, dry packs, cardboard packaging and trays. Customer feedback: We have discussed real world situation with some of our customers and got some very interesting and positive feedback. Two CEM companies were keen to share their experience and commented that many manufacturers will have similar experiences, including:

  • Skilled operators being tied up for lengthy periods, receiving parts, cross checking, printing BOMs, etc.
  • Manual, time consuming, costly, prone to errors - a waste of valuable time!
  • Causes delays, may hold up lines. One felt that the "Modi system could reduce these delays and associated cost by up to 75%!"
  • Variability on component counts from supplies was also highlighted as an issue with up to 10% errors reported.  Sometimes jobs cannot be completed, parts must be re-ordered, resulting in delays to clients.
  • One client requested a report on stock levels for "free issue" components they had supplied for a job. Manually checking and reporting was another costly time-consuming diversion, which could be avoided...

X-Ray component counting systems, such as the TechValley Hawkeye 6000 which Altus supply, would dovetail very well with the Modi system. One company reported that one they were able to quantify errors at goods in and report problems immediately, the suppliers involved were far more likely to provide more accurate deliveries and reduce the delays, hassle cost of reordering parts at the eleventh hour. Please contact us for further information on the Modi, or the TechValley systems.

August 2017



We were very pleased to see that the very first Kolb Stencil Cleaner which Altus supplied in the UK, is still running very well after eight years of trouble free service.

The Kolb PS07 Twin was purchased by ZF TRW, College Road, Birmingham. It has now cleaned about 40,000 stencils over 8 years and 23,000 full cycles!

From a capital machine cost point of view each stencil has cost them under £1 to clean and dropping as there are no signs that the machine will give up anytime soon!

That is 20 stencils per working day, for 8 years!

Proof, if proof were needed, of the reliability and cost efficiency of cleaning systems and chemistry supplied by our long-standing principal, Kolb Cleaning Technology, Germany.

Kolb design and manufacture a wide range of cleaning systems, including their new AQUBE® range, for Stencils, PCBs and maintenance applications. With chemistry systems developed by Kolb for optimum performance, we can provide complete solutions to meet your technical and budgetary needs. We hold chemistry stocks here in the UK to offer customers next day delivery. Whether you need cleaning equipment, or wish to try Kolb chemistry in an existing cleaning system, please contact us for more information.

August 2017



Joe joins Altus after a three-year spell working for Thomson Reuters IP & Life Science team, supporting Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies in their internal business and scientific development strategies. In that role, Joe’s focus was in new business development. This meant working with the management of these organisations, to understand fully the challenges and tailored solutions that would enable them to grow and excel, in what is a difficult and highly competitive environment.

Joe originally studied Human Biology at Loughborough University due to his keen interest in the scientific field and larger focus towards Biology. Joe also chose to attend Loughborough due to his huge love of rugby and all things sports. Alongside his studies he was heavily involved in the University rugby set up. He went on to play for the Loughborough first XV rugby team in the national league, before calling a day on his playing time due to continued injury.

Joe is incredibly excited to join the Altus team and take on some fresh challenges in a new sector. He will be active predominantly in the South of the UK but would be interested to meet as many of our readers and customers as possible.

We hope Joe’s addition to the team will further strengthen our sales department, bring in fresh ideas and new perspective so we can better serve our clients.

For any additional questions, you can reach him on or connect with him on linked in

August 2017




Congratulations to 3D Inspection Technology leader and long-term Altus Group principal, Koh Young Technology who recently announced the delivery of its 10,000th inspection system, a Zenith 3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system, sold to Delphi Electronics. The Zenith system measures the true profilometric shape of components, solder joints, patterns and even foreign material on assembled PCBs using 8-way projection. Zenith performs true three-dimensional accuracy with comprehensive IPC 610 comparison.  The milestone was celebrated at the Delphi plant, and was attended by JD Shin, Director of Global Sales and Support at Koh Young Technology, Steven Choi, General Manager of Koh Young China, Joe Lee, Process Engineering Manager and Zhao Jun, Staff Engineer of Delphi Suzhou plant. Delphi Automotive is a high-technology company that integrates safer, greener and more connected solutions for the automotive and transportation sectors. The company has been operating in China since 1993, with more than 20 sites and supplying products to 17 of the top 20 automakers in China.   Koh Young Technology has been the fastest-growing 3D inspection system provider with No.1 market share in the world, having closed all 10,000 orders since the company’s founding in 2002. Koh Young recently marked its 15th Foundation Day on May 1. With increased dominance of 3D AOI, Koh Young has consolidated its position as the global leader of SMT inspection equipment.   In marking the order milestone, Dr Kwangill Koh, CEO of Koh Young Technology said, “We are very pleased to celebrate this occasion with Delphi Electronics Suzhou, our trusted partner since 2003.” He added, “To our team, delivering 10,000 machines is indeed a remarkable achievement; it has been a challenge, and also a great success, because Koh Young is the first inspection company in the SMT industry to break this sales record. But it doesn’t end here; 10,000 deliveries is just the beginning as we continue to help SMT PCB manufacturers around the world build a better process with Koh Young.”   At the ceremony, JD highlighted Koh Young’s technological milestones, introducing its latest innovations, followed by the presentation of awards. “This milestone also carries momentum for continuing success,” JD added. “We will re-double our efforts to continue to provide the world’s best 3D inspection technology, enabling our customers to implement agile, lean manufacturing systems,” JD concluded.

“We have chosen to work with Koh Young because of its superior inspection capability on solder joints which uses exclusive IPC 610 standard” said Joe Lee, Process Engineering Manager, Delphi Electronics Suzhou Co., Ltd. “We would like to congratulate the Koh Young team on their remarkable milestone.” Koh Young Technology has always been a pioneer in inspection and measurement technology, beginning with the world’s first 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) in 2004. Now, the company’s KSMART Solution, anticipating Industry 4.0 by integrating advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) knowledge, helps customers realize Smart Factory visions with the advantages of reliable full 3D measurement data. About Koh Young Technology Inc. Koh Young Technology, a leading provider of Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems, specializes in the design and manufacturing of 3D measurement and inspection equipment for the global circuit board assembly and semiconductor markets.

For more information, visit

July 2017



SMT PICK & PLACE SYSTEM, with FEEDERS from €30K!  Altus Group supplier, ATN Berlin, Product News

ATN has taken over INOPLACER to enhance its own product portfolio. ATN will support over 300 installed INOPLACER systems. Daniel Wolf, together with five service technicians, is responsible for the management of the INOPLACER division.

ATN is continuing the series of INOPLACER HPA and INOPLACER BASIC, which have been successful in the market. The INOPLACER BASIC is a universal placement machine for small batch production and pilot runs in SMD technology. The system realizes sophisticated technology at an affordable price. As with all INOPLACER models, the basis is a solid and precise machine design using high-quality components. The gantry system with X and Y axis brings high precision. The component alignment is realized Vision-on-Fly. Therefore, two traveling bottom-up cameras detect and measures the components during the movement – without losing time. There are two variants of INOPLACER BASIC: The INOPLACER Compact with ClosedLoop stepper drives enables a positioning accuracy of 0402 and an average placement rate of 3,000 components per hour. With servo drives and linear measuring systems with a resolution of 5μm the positioning accuracy is sufficient for 0201 components and an average placement rate of 5,000 components per hour. The INOPLACER Advance has been developed as an economical assembly machine for universal SMD production. It offers more feeder capacity, a larger working area and a higher placement performance. The automatic placement machine is distinguished by its very high mounting accuracy, its simple programming and operation, and achieves a placement capacity of up to 6000 components per hour. The working area is 940 x 400 mm. The placement head has a double guide system and thus higher service life with increased precision. Four cameras are used to centre the components: the component spectrum includes chip components from 01005 as well as SO, QFP's, fine pitch, BGA and µBGA components.

This acquisition by ATN gives Altus access to the product line which dovetails well with our existing Yamaha range of Pick and Place mounters. The benefit to our customers is that we can offer a comprehensive range of systems, from entry level to high speed systems designed for 24/7 production environment, with the full installation and service support of Altus for the UK & Ireland.

Product manager for the placement division at Altus, Tony Sweetman, commented “The availability of high quality and reliable entry level Pick & Place systems (and Jetters) from ATM will enable us to offer our customers a solution which meets their technical and budgetary requirements from entry level upwards”.  

Please contact Tony for more information, via 

July 2017



Altus principal, Cencorp Automation, publish their latest newsletter "We Automate Your Business".

  • Biggest ever order intake.
  • New intelligent feeder concept.
  • Mats Lillqvist promoted to CEO of Cencorp Automation Oy.
  • New plant in Salo opening in September.

Matthew Jones, Altus Sales Director said, "We are delighted to work with our long term partners Cencorp; we congratulate them on the continuing success world wide, which is mirrored in the UK market".

Please see attached PDF for further details or contact us for more information, via

July 2017

ATN "Economic 400" Soldering Solution

ATN "Economic 400" Soldering Solution



Altus supplier, ATN Germany, produce a wide range of “Soldering Solutions” to automate tasks which cannot be completed using SMT production techniques. The variability of such manual processes can undermine the high reliability of the modules produced in your SMT assembly line. ATN have addressed this problem. They design and manufacture a wide range of heads which can be supplied for OEM integration, or integrated by ATN, offering complete solutions, customised for your specific application. The “Economic 400” is just one entry level example of an integrated system from ATN.

Today's flexibility in electronics production and the short product cycles require universal production equipment, which can be quickly and cost-effectively adapted for different tasks. The Economic 400 from ATN enables robotic soldering with a compact device.

In the case of automated soldering, the hot iron is placed on the soldering point with its pneumatic stroke. When the soldered joint is heated up to soldering temperature, the solder wire is fed with the automatic feeder. The soldering tip remains on the soldering point for a short time so that the solder runs correctly and forms a meniscus at the soldering point. The 150 Watt soldering iron with digital control allows short cycle times and high precision. The solder wire feed with its compact design is arranged nearby the process and monitored with an optical encoder.

In addition to Hot Iron Soldering, the Economic A400 can also be equipped with Induction, Laser or LightBeam heads. The positioning is carried out by an XYZ system with a working range of 400x300x140mm. Optionally an additional rotation is also available. The programming with the Windows-based PC control is intuitive, simple and clear. The soldering program is defined like an Excel Spreadsheet. Each line contains process commands, the reference coordinates, and the respective process parameters. A camera simplifies process monitoring and teaches the soldering positions.


Tony Sweetman, Altus Sales Manager commented, “We have supplied several ATN systems now which have been very successfully integrated into production lines, improving quality and reliability of our customers products and providing a good return on investment. The process support from ATN has been excellent, supporting trails and evaluations. The modular design allows different heads to be integrated and the level of automation enabling us to offer solutions which meet your technical and budgetary needs. In one case our customer wanted an entry level solution which could grow with changing production needs. This was designed in to the system enabling us to upgrade the system on site as production volumes increased. The flexibility of the system allows us to offer solutions for a wide range of production requirements”.

Please contact Tony via for more information, or visit our web site,

July 2017

Koh Young Technology Receives Over Euro 800K Worth of 3D Inspection System Orders from StarLine

Koh Young Technology Receives Over Euro 800K Worth of 3D Inspection System Orders from StarLine

Altus Group are delighted advise that our partner and technology leader for 3D inspection, Koh Young Technology, has announced a new contract worth more than €800,000 for its 3D AOI and SPI systems. The customer is StarLine, a manufacturer of automobile security equipment headquartered in St. Petersburg, Russia. Founded in 1988, StarLine supplies specialized telematics security systems to more than 15 million vehicle owners worldwide.

In making the announcement, Harald Eppinger, General Manager for Koh Young Europe, stated, “These sizable orders make us believe that we should continue maintaining our market share in 3D AOI by providing continuous innovation.” Mr. Eppinger added that with this €800,000 order from a key OEM customer, StarLine, Koh Young adds another remarkable success to its portfolio. Koh Young Technology has earned a stellar reputation for providing reliable, responsive service to high-mix low-volume customers.

Equipment provided to StarLine will include Koh Young’s award-winning Zenith, the world’s first true 3D AOI system, an example of Koh Young’s successful pioneering innovation in inspection technology. Zenith completely changed the prevailing industry paradigm from 2D to 3D inspection technology, since it measures the true profilometric shape of components, solder joints, patterns and even foreign material on assembled PCBs, overcoming the traditional shortcomings of 2D AOI.  

About Koh Young Technology Inc.

Koh Young Technology, a leading provider of Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems, specializes in the design and manufacturing of 3D measurement and inspection equipment for the global circuit board assembly and semiconductor markets.

Altus Group Ltd are the official representatives for Koh Young in UK & Ireland, and our daughter company, Danutek provide the same services for customers in Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria. If you need any further information please contact us.

June 2017


first class service

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Our competitive rates are based on the nearest engineer, which keeps the travel costs and the response times to the absolute minimum.


Altus Group was formed in 2001 to support the UK and Irish market for Surface Mount Technology, capital equipment for every process, peripheral equipment, spares and consumables and most importantly excellent service support, where and when you need it.

Over the years, the product line has evolved as we carefully select suppliers for our portfolio who offer "best in class" products at cost effective prices, from world leading brands.

The Altus Team has a network of highly skilled technical sales specialists, applications and service engineers, providing local support across the UK and Ireland.

In 2005 our sister company Danutek was formed with offices in Hungary and Romania to service the needs of local customers and multi national companies with manufacturing facilities in the Central and Eastern European marketplace.

Danutek share many of the product lines with Altus and have a number of different product ranges to suit the needs of their customer base. With a large and growing technical support team we can ensure the same high level of support to all our customers, regardless of their location.

To learn more about Danutek, visit the website or contact us for more details.

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