Exception EMS

Altus helped define ouR objectives ....

As you may have seen in the trade press, we are delighted to announce another installation of Rehm reflow ovens in the UK. Exception EMS selected Rehm (model VXS3500, nitrogen oven, with ten heated zones and four cooling zones) after extensive benchmark testing. 

Jiri Kucera, Engineering Manager of Exception EMS said: “We have selected Rehm as our new company wide supplier of reflow equipment as we felt their technology and systems design best suited our varied needs and would deliver a very reliable and repeatable process over many years. Rehm’s solutions for flux management, power and nitrogen control, plus a good local support from Altus, were the major factors in our selection process and our final decision. Altus helped us to define our objectives and needs to find the best match for our soldering requirements, and worked with us throughout the whole decision process. We expect to work closely as partners with Rehm and Altus for other equipment needs in the future.”

AWS Electronics

excellent support from altus group

In their latest Press Release, AWS Electronics announced the investment in a Cencorp inline Router from Altus Group, stating that AWS has dramatically reduced its handling, cycle time and scrap PCBs. 

Comments AWS’ Group Technical Director, Robert Lackey: “The Cencorp router was our first choice due to the quality of the machine, its seemless integration with our SMT line and the excellent support from Altus Group in the UK and their Central European division, Danutek, for our Slovakian factory.”


Best system on the market

Simon Best commented "we are very pleased to announce that Surface Technology International (STI), a major multi-national contact electronics manufacturer (CEM) have selected the Koh Young Zenith Lite (AOI) system, Supplied and Supported by the Altus Group, as the best system on the market, for their applications. CEM companies like STI never know what new business awaits them and what new challenges this will bring, and as such they need the “best in class” fault capture, ease of programming, virtually no false calls at production rates, running 24/7. After exhaustive tests on many different models and brands in the market, the Koh Young systems meet these criteria, with very reliable hardware and software platforms at a cost effective price, and with the capability to cope with all their current needs and the headroom to manage their future demands. Koh Young’s 100% 3D AIO, full measurement systems “ticked all the boxes” and STI have now purchased systems for their factories in Fleet, UK and Cebu in the Philippines."


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