3d solder paste
inspection (SPI)

Altus Group - 3d Paste Inspection

"Best in class" 100% 3D SPI measurement and inspection technology. Offering unrivalled measurement accuracy and reliability, overcoming process bottlenecks and significantly improving yields

Automated Optical
3d iNspection (AOI)

Altus Group - 3d Paste Inspection

Koh Young 3D AOI systems provide true measurement of the profile and shape of components and solder joints, using 100% 3D measurement, overcoming the limitation of 2D AOI systems

automated optical inspection (AOI)

Altus Group - Automated Optical Inspection

Low cost AOI systems with no compromise on performance. Accurate and reliable with low false call rate. Well proven H/W and S/W platform architecture. Multiple cameras provide full coverage of all detectable faults at production line rates

digital video microscopes

Altus Group - Digital Video Microscopes

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